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EcoCradle™ packagine made from local ag-waste & mushroom "roots"

Ecovative has developed a revolutionary new material to replace synthetic foams like Styrofoam. EcoCradle is literally grown, indoors, in under a week. The raw materials come from locally sourced agricultural byproducts, such as cotton gin trash or oat hulls. These materials are bonded together by a living, growing glue called mycelium. Mycelium is essentially the "roots" of mushrooms, and it an incredibly fast and efficient self assembler. Using this unique technology, almost any shape can be formed. Used as packaging, it can outperform Styrofoam for many applications, and is cost competitive. Ecovative's focus today is on packaging, but eventually we hope to replace synthetics in everything from home insulation to surfboards.

Watch a time lapse video of EcoCradle growing in under a week here:

For more information, check out

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