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OPOWER™ was founded on a simple premise: it’s time to engage the 300 million Americans who are in the dark about their energy use. Co-founders and long-time friends Dan Yates and Alex Laskey combined their talents to actualize their belief in the power of information to improve people’s lives. Together, they envisioned a product and created a company that would empower people to make smart decisions that could conserve our resources and preserve our planet. 

From its founding in 2007 to today, Positive Energy - now OPOWER™ - has established itself as the leading utility partner for energy-efficiency and smart-grid software services. A rapidly growing team of software engineers, product specialists, behavioral scientists, and efficiency advocates is already engaging over 1 million homes each month, and we are on our way to engage millions more. 

Helping ordinary people find easy ways to save on their energy bills is our passion; making an unprecedented impact on the health of our planet is our goal.


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